Enterprise Architecture Certification Process

Getting certified consists of :

  • Selecting your desired level of certification
  • Registering for a Practical Demonstration event including submission of your Registration Form
  • Providing payment in response to the AIEAP invoice
  • Participating in the practical demonstration event and completing the required architecture products

During the event you will:

  • Review source documentation for the problem statement provided by AIEAP
  • Develop at least the set of business and technical architecture products described below
  • Integrate these products into a Word document using the template provided by AIEAP
  • Deliver the Word document in electronic format to the Demonstration monitors.

After completion your work will be evaluated by AIEAP and you will be notified of your satisfactory attainment of your desired level of certification – OR – receiving feedback on your submission with an explanation of areas of improvement.  This may take some amount of time, based on the number of applicants at your event and the quality of everyone’s work.  Patience may be needed.

Certification Process Resources

Required Products

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Evaluation Criteria

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Certification Levels

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