Evaluation Criteria

Based on the premise that an architecture needs to provide information that supports senior leadership decision-making and needs to be understandable by non-architects, your submission will be generally evaluated for:

  • Completeness – all required products are developed and are reasonably complete.
  • Traceability – the products “hang together,” i.e., one can relate the elements of the business process model to the system elements and the information or resource exchanges.
  • Story-telling – the collection of products tells a clear story of the requirement and solution to people who are not proficient with the development methodology or tool.  The products are visually appealing.

The evaluation criteria are broken down into three (3) basic areas: Style, Structural, and Alignment.

The style used in developing an architecture goes a long way towards determining if the architecture is readable or not.  The AIEAP evaluators will evaluate aspects such as:

  • Is everything labeled?
  • Is everything spelled correctly and grammatically correct?
  • Is there consistency in the artifact (color, font, names, etc.)?

They will look at the structure of the architecture to evaluate aspects such as:

  • Does everything have a definition?
  • Are all child diagrams, if any, provided?
  • Is everything attached to whatever it is supposed to be attached to?
  • Does each artifact show what it is supposed to show?

As they read through the architecture, the AIEAP evaluators will ask themselves:

  • Do all the artifacts of the architecture fit together with one another?
  • Is anything missing from any of the artifacts?

Click HERE to download the more detailed set of evaluation criteria for each required product.